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Lenny on the Issues

Small Business:

  • Eliminate taxes on small businesses and stop giving tax breaks to large businesses. End corporate welfare.

  • Provide tax credits to small businesses so that they can pay their employees a living wage and provide comprehensive health benefits.

    • Read my opinion pieces on small business here and here​.


  • Restore Medicaid by reversing the 2018/2019 Medicaid cuts. Audit Medicaid so we understand where the funding is going, and reallocate to benefit every Rhode Islander. 

  • Protect a woman’s right to choose and reproductive freedom.


Public Schools:

  • Make a quality education a Constitutional right in Rhode Island.

  • Ensure that every public school teacher in Rhode Island makes at least $60,000 per year.


Affordable Housing:

  • Ensure that every family in Rhode Island can have access to affordable housing by build 10,000 green affordable homes.

  • Protect local neighborhoods by limiting the power of predatory landlords, and end source of income discrimination. 

  • Provide public funding to assist landowners in retrofitting their homes to provide more housing.

Public Safety

  • As a registered nurse, I will never turn my back on our first responders. 

  • Invest in affordable housing, healthcare, social workers, and mental healthcare, so our first responders do not have to respond to crises they are not equipped to handle.

Shoreline Access

  • Pass H8055, the Shoreline Access Bill, to protect every Rhode Islanders access to the coast.

  • Support a recognizable high tide line to ensure the Constitutional right of every Rhode Islander to the coast.


Climate Change

  • Build 10,000 units of green affordable housing, creating hundreds of unionized jobs. 

  • Shut down polluting industries and create green justice zones. 

  • Take on the fossil fuel industry to ensure clean air and water, and become one of the first states in the country to go 100 percent clean energy.



  • Pass a bill to form an independent redistricting commission in Rhode Island. 

  • End the influence of corporate lobbyist money, and institute the public funding of elections in Rhode Island.


  • Increase taxes on the top 1 percent of Rhode Islanders and build a fair tax system for all. 


Minimum Wage:

  • Pass a $19 minimum wage. ($39,520 annually) 

Gun Safety and Mass Shootings:

  • Common sense gun reform that centers community interests and not the NRA

  • Stopping mass shootings needs to be about more than gun safety legislation. Our state needs to reinvest in healthcare, education, and housing so all Rhode Islanders canhave a future they believe in.

    • Read my op-ed on mass shootings here

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