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Cioe says it’s time for Ruggerio to go; Senate president pushes back

"Cioe says Ruggerio’s refusal to participate in a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters shows how scared he is of losing this race to represent North Providence and some of Providence after Ruggerio came fewer than 400 votes from losing to him two years ago.

"I’ve built up quite a base,” Cioe said, adding that many residents now know he and his team are coming and have a bottled water ready to hand them along the campaign trail.

Ruggerio has been in power for far too long at nearly 40 years, he said, and it’s time for someone to take his seat who cares more about residents and their concerns than corporate interests. Ruggerio is still here because of his remaining friendships and ties in the community, not because he’s exciting new supporters, he said."

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