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Senate President Ruggerio refusing to debate challenger Lenny Cioe, Dodging District 4 Voters

Mirroring establishment politicians throughout the state, Dominick Ruggerio is refusing to debate his opponent in the hotly contested State Senate District 4 race for the Democratic nomination in Providence and North Providence. While third party nonpartisan groups such as the League of Women Voters have offered to sponsor and moderate a debate between myself and Dominick Ruggerio, Ruggerio refuses to participate.

A 38-year incumbent, there’s no reason Ruggerio should be afraid of facing voters and debating me on the issues that matter to voters in North Providence and Providence, like healthcare, small businesses, and public schools.

Ruggerio’s refusal to debate shows he is scared of losing this race, and is out of touch with the constituents in his district. Politicians should be accountable to the communities they serve. If Ruggerio wants to prove that he is the right person to represent State Senate District 4, then he should be on the debate stage instead of hiding out in his office.

My team and I have knocked on over 10,000 doors this summer. We’re meeting voters where they are and enabling true democracy in North Providence and Providence. Voters are excited to meet their elected officials face to face, not through a screen or on a piece of junk mail. They know that in America, in a true democracy, we need competitive elections and new leaders to keep our communities vibrant and strong.

What I’m hearing from voters is clear—they want a change and new leadership in Senate District 4.

Lenny Cioe ran against Senate President Dominick Ruggerio in the 2020 Democratic Primary, losing a close race by only 341 votes after being outspent 36:1.

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